When you are wanting something sweet, here’s a good way to do it without refined carbs and sugars!  I’ve even made these as a healthy birthday treat!  Sharing nutritious eats is always a way to celebrate life!  

2 cups of raw almond meal*
1 1/2 cups of finely grated raw coconut (make sure you get coconut that doesn’t have any sugar added to it)
1 tablespoon of raw coconut butter
3/4 cup of raw cacao powder (not cocoa powder)
Agave or maple syrup (enough to moisten mixture so it holds to form a ball)
1 teaspoon Sea Salt

Combine all ingredients together and form into balls and refrigerate. I sometimes line a mini-muffin pan with cups and make these into “cupcakes” depending on what kind of presentation I want. They work great either way.

*I have been able to find almond meal at Trader Joe’s and Apple Valley. If you can’t find it, you can make this yourself in a food processor using raw, unsalted almonds. Just be sure to not over-process them or you’ll end up with almond butter.

Thank you to my sweet friend Chelsea Buhrman for sharing this recipe with me!  

Check out her other awesome recipes and more at


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