Anytime is a great time to cast vision for your life, but especially the start of a NEW YEAR and a snowed-in snowy kind of day!! It’s simple to do, fun, & effective!! Make a VISION BOARD!!! How to? Simply gather magazines, print articles, or inspiring things from Pinterest and the like…search for IMAGES, PHRASES that SPEAK LIFE to you. IMAGES that evoke a smile, or stir up something on your insides. Cut and paste the images to a piece of paper, nothing fancy needed. Then place your vision board in a place where you will see it DAILY. This is to serve as a reminder to you all of the “things” (but they aren’t really things as in objects necessarily) you desire in your life. Here is a collection of 4 of my boards from years past…1 depicting a desire for physical health and flexibility-I’ve now got that. 2 depicting colorful flowers and butterflies I wanted to surround myself with-I’ve now got that. 3-I want to build a home someday, which I haven’t yet done, but this board helps to remind me what I’m saving $$ for and will have some day when the time is right 4-outdoor adventure in nature-I’ve now done LOTS of that!!! None of these things were fully mine before I created the boards. I carefully chose the images, looked at them everyday, pictured them B’ing a part of me, and now they are! Simple, fun, & effective! I encourage you to make a vision board(s) for yourself! And if you do, I’d love to see it!!Image



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