Didn’t see that coming…

Didn’t see that coming….


Didn’t see that coming…

When I heard there were beautiful hikes just miles from my hotel, I knew those trails would B a part of my stay here in La Jolla. Eager to have time in nature (this Indiana girl doesn’t get out much in winter), I intended for this part of my professional development trip to B used for dreaming and vision casting for my fitness business, B Present Studio.

My “logical mind” actually tried to guilt me out of going.  “Shouldn’t you B doing something else more “productive” to help your business?!?  Like staying in your room and working on that email you’ve been meaning to send out for weeks now!?  Or working on your website, you’ve been wanting to for months?!”  I even checked in with my husband to get his perspective, to which he replied:  TAKE A HIKE!  (note: Husband, that is the ONLY good time to use that line with me ;-) )

WOW!  I had no idea what I was in for…

The 1st 3 days of my trip were very go-go-go.  Lots of study…exercise methodology, teaching technique, business marketing, customer service, ambiance, the list goes on…

But on this day, where I was on the verge of “shoulding myself” out of enjoying the Cali scenery, the heart and soul of my being came to light.

You see, the making of B Present Studio started with PASSION.  A passion to help other women B encouraged, to feel great, to gain confidence, to B fit, firm, and fabulous.  It started with me leading 1 class/week, which quickly grew to 2, to 8, to 10 classes/week.  Kids classes, boy meets barre…it was clear there was a need and desire in our community for B Present, and we were definitely eager to fill it!!  As the business grew, so did the responsibilities.  I do love wearing hats, and a variety of styles is fun, but to wear 15 hats in a matter of one day can B a little daunting after awhile!  (alas, another goal of my trip-to brainstorm how/who to help take some things off my plate so I can focus on what I’m most gifted at)

Enter Torrey Pines State Park:  Parking is literally right on the coastline, waves crashing-I’m already thinking this is one of THE coolest parks I’ve ever been to!  Starting with a nice steep hike up to the trailhead of choice, panoramic ocean views-I’m in heaven.  On my way up to the top, I started thinking about the many homeless people I saw dotted along the Cali coastline.  Homelessness has been on my mind and heart more lately since being asked to participate in “Dancing With Our Stars” fundraising event for my local Center for the Homeless in South Bend, IN.  I’ve been praying more and more for the guests who go to the Center, for the men and women who work at the Center, and for our community at large to help end the cycle of homelessness.  I’ve even done some research on homelessness, basic initial searches pulled up articles from across the country, reminding me that homelessness is felt by many more than I care to think or imagine.

My thoughts led to this one man in particular, whose back was turned to me.  He was stationed under a tree close up to a ledge right along the beach.  It was clear he had all of his possessions wrapped on his chair/thingy he was sitting upright in.  His head hung low as he was sleeping, or attempting to.  I try to put myself in his position…Sleep sitting up.  People all around me.  Everything I own strapped to my chair.  Have he many friends?  Family?  Is he part of a community of any kind?  How did he end up here?  Did he like to live this way?  {I later decided that I wanted to strike up some conversation with a few homeless people, if the situation presented itself again-unfortunately ( rather, fortunately)  I did not come across any more homeless in the remainder of my trip.}

I realize we are all wired differently, and certain things would bother people more/less.  I think back also to a few short days ago when I was over the baggage weight limit for a 5 day trip.  (Don’t worry husby, lady must have liked my smile or something because she didn’t fine me.)  I would guess having less “stuff” would B one of the easier things I would get used to in time.  But to not know when/what my next food source would B?  To not B able to regulate if I’m overly hot or freezing cold?  To lack human interaction on the regular?  But even more so, are they realizing their dreams?  Do they know the worth they have?  Do they know the gifts contained within them?  I’ve had so many thoughts over the past few weeks, but as I neared the top of that hill, turning onto the trailhead for “Razor Point” something inside me felt like a razor piercing my heart.


And that’s precisely my deepest desire for every person who experiences B Present Studio.  YOU MATTER.  YOUR DREAMS MATTER.  YOU ARE LOVED.  YOU ARE STRONG.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR PROBLEMS.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Yes; there’s also a really kick-butt workout interlaced with this message!  Yes; I want to help you B as healthy as possible!  Yes; mayB you KNOW all of these things already, but do you LIVE them out?  Do you ever forget them?  Or do you know someone else you could help encourage on their journey?  Do you have kids you want to instill these values into and hearing these messages over and over again helps?

Just like that, I start to tremble, tears in my eyes, my heart is hurting.  Recognizing many of us walk around living more out of fear than faith.  More out of worry than assurance.  More out of habit than intention.  More absent than present.  Realizing this only mostly because that used to B me.  Not that I don’t have a lifetime of growth still ahead of me, I do, but I do know the difference, feel the difference of a life once consumed by anxiety & feelings of worthlessness.  And a life where, at the core, there is peace.

Goodness!  Now I’m a wreck, bawling on this trail, praying, desiring that everyone would choose to live their best life.  A life that uses their gifts to bless others.  A life that overcomes setbacks.  A life that triumphs.

Aha!  That-aha-moment!  Here I was thinking I needed some marketing seminar in order to B a “good steward” on my professional development trip and now I stand in the sand shaking and crying with PASSION welling up in me.  I BELIEVE IN B PRESENT.  I BELIEVE IN OUR MISSION.  I BELIEVE IN OUR CLIENTS.  EVERYONE OF THEM.  And I’ve come out to CA, I’ve gone to 8 different studios, and not one of them gave me anything more than a workout.  Not saying I didn’t enjoy the workouts, or that the people weren’t nice.  But in a day and age where peoples schedules are so full, to me it makes sense to combine health practices whenever you can.  If we can provide 1 hour of power where you will B invigorated, challenged, & experience growth physically, mentally, even spiritually-why not?  To me, I don’t feel satisfied only helping people get cute butts and toned arms.  You can have a great body and B miserable!  (Again, I know from experience.)

So there you have it!  Here I am volunteering my time to help raise money and awareness for the Center for the Homeless, which in and of itself is really stretching me out of my comfort zone with this ballroom dancing business!!!  But in the giving of myself to this organization, I’m getting so much back in return.  A renewed sense of passion, compassion, wonder…thankfulness, gratitude, growth…

But this is not just about me.  This is about us.  This is about you.  What are YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT?  What excites you?  When the time just seems to fly by, what are you doing?  Who are you with?  How can you create more time to do that, be that, experience that?  How can you help those around you to do the same?

Thank you for B’ing a part of my story,

Tammy Weisweaver

Oh, and if you want to show your support to the Center for the Homeless and/or me, please CAST YOUR VOTE!  The time to vote is nearing a close…votes are $41 (the cost to house a guest at the center for a day).